Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Funday = DIY Cherry Dipped Tips!

My sweet daughter Sloane, has been rockin' dipped do's for the last few months, and suggested that we do it for a Sunday Funday!  She's so smart!

This is totally on trend for tween's in our town, maybe in your area too?  I make it totally simple and fairly risk free, and dye her hair using Kool-aide!  She's a blond, so it shows up really well on her(obvs), it usually lasts a week or two, and you get a cool ombre going on as is fades.

 1.  Bring about 3 cups water to a boil, and add two packs Kool-aide.  Give a quick stir.

2.  Divide water evenly between two bowls, and find a comfy spot to sit.  We use the dinner table, then she can sit, and place her head between the bowls, and have the table hold her head up.

3.  This stuff stains!  Wear a shirt you don't care about getting dye on (reuse the same shirt over & over).
Have your hair all brushed out, and put into pig tails, with the elastics at the same height - they also act as markers for dye height.

4.  Get comfy!  You're gonna sit for 10-15 minutes.  Grab your ipod and play a game, or text your friends!

5.  This stuff will stain everything including your hands!  We use a couple sheets of paper towel to pick up the hair, and soak up any drips.

6.  You can see the colour already!
So bright and pretty!  No rinsing or washing, but if it dries in this state, it clumps together and is very tangly and ouchy - head straight to your blow dryer!  Brush as you blow dry!

 All Done!  Beautiful Cherry Dipped locks!

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