Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Funday = Christmas Oreo Lollipops!

There's a reason why I do not take my children or my husband grocery shopping.  Actually more than one reason.
First they beg me for sooooooo many ridiculous treats.  Treats that have fancy cartoon characters, or that they saw on the TV box, and that are inevitably full of chemicals.
Second I am weak (sooooo weak), and I HATE arguing and/or dealing with tantrums in stores.
Third, I usually give in (because I am weak) which leads to enormous grocery bills!
Fourth, what the heck am I gonna do with a whole box of gingerbread Oreos? Ugh.

But I do have a Sunday Funday activity we could do with these Oreos!  Since we are headed into the last week of school before the kids go on winter break, we need teacher gifts!  Snowmen and Christmas Ornament Oreo Lollipops is what we shall make!

Here's what you'll need:

** not pictured** mini chocolate chips, or black frosting for eyes/mouth of snowman- oops!

Carefully insert the lollipop stick into the icing between the two cookies, move slowly, so as not to break the cookies.  I think using the "fresh" gingerbread Oreos helped, the lollipop stick was surprisingly easy to insert, as the icing was still soft.  I also attempted this with Chocolate Girl Guide cookies (these have been in the pantry for a while), which simply popped apart!  I was still able to get the Girl Guide cookies to work, I just had to manipulate the icing a fair bit.

Using a double boiler, or a stainless steel bowl, placed over a pot of simmering water, melt the white chocolate wafers.  Make sure the chocolate isn't too hot or the Oreo icing will melt, and the cookies will slide apart!  Carefully immerse the cookie into the melted white chocolate, and turn to coat.  Or you can use a spoon to add the chocolate to the cookie, and turn to distribute, or use the spoon to spread the chocolate if that's easier.
Using a jar or a mug, place the lollipops upright to dry, make sure to space well apart so they don't damage each other.
Reserve a small amount of melted chocolate to help adhere your sprinkles & chocolate chips in the pattern of your choice!
To finish them off, and help protect the lollipops in their travels, we used lollipop wrappers (found at Bulk Barn), and then tied them with some twine.

Merry Christmas & 
Happy Holidays!

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