Friday, February 13, 2015

Speculoos Cookie Butter Popcorn

Valentine's is all about celebrating L.O.V.E., right?!  I love lots of things, and people too, of course!  I love my family beyond the moon and back!
I love to read, and take long hot baths...I love to read, while I take long hot baths! 
I love food (duh!)!  And the food I love most of all, my desert island food, is popcorn.  I love popcorn like, in an unhealthy way.   I also use food to show my love, if I make something for you, I might have a crush on you;)

One way that I've been shown love recently was during our recent vacay, when Cory went along with the idea of travelling 1 hour on an unknown transit system in Miami Florida, to take me to a Trader Joe's. We could have been doing any number of other touristy pursuits (ahem - beach!), in this hot foreign land, arriving from like 3 feet of snow, and -15 weather.  But, I HAD to go to a Trader Joe's, and he was willing to make the trip (awwww!).   I am in love with this Speculoos Cookie Butter, which I had to have from Trader Joe's after years of reading all about it from state side food blogger's.  Everything they said was true - deadly delicious, and oh so addicting.

Love is this new to me Cookie Butter popcorn, and I think Cory is more enamoured with it than I am! I also managed to find a ginormous block of Log Cabin vanilla flavoured candy coating at the Target across the road.  Not sure if Log Cabin products are carried in Canada?  I've never seen it before, but have seen it mentioned in lots of food blogs.  Why does Target have to be leaving Canada?  I guess I will now love going to the states, to search out all my favourite Target products, just like the old days.  Everything old is new again.  Including my love for popcorn, cookie butter style!

Specaloos Cookie Butter Popcorn
Recipe adapted from: I Heart Naptime

1/2 cup popcorn kernels
3 squares Log House vanilla almond bark (you could always use white chocolate in lieu)
1/2 cup vanilla candy melts
3 Tablespoons cookie butter (found at Trader Joes ... Biscoff or even Peanut butter would work too)
assorted candy covered chocolates (smarties, m&m's - optional)

Pop the popcorn (I used an air-popper), into a large bowl.  Using a large parchment lined cookie sheet, transfer the popcorn by the hand-full, taking care to leave any unpopped kernels behind.
Using a small bowl melt the vanilla candy coating/white chocolate in microwave.  Or melt via stove top and transfer to bowl.  Add the cookie butter to the melted chocolate, stirring until combined. Drizzle the coating over the popcorn, using tongs to help distribute, until evenly coated. Mix in chocolate candies if using.  And allow to cool and harden before serving.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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