Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Funday - Biodegradable Bird Feeders

Apparently my kids enjoy building bird feeders!  I leave our Sunday Funday activity for them to choose, and Sloane said she recently saw an orange being used as a bird feeder, and would like to try to make one as well!  I think the orange bird feeder is beautiful looking, as well as why not make another?  Our old bird feeders are long gone, the seeds picked away at by the birds, and then the toilet paper rolls turned to mush by all the heavy spring snow we've received this year.


You don't need many materials to make this bird feeder.  We used a long neglected grapefruit in lieu of an could also use an orange, or another thick-skinned fruit.  Also, jute, twine, or any heavy duty string to hang the bird feeder.

Using two sections of twine, in even lengths, create a criss-cross pattern, so the fruit will hang level.  We used a small screwdriver to push the twine through the skin of the grapefruit, but you could also thread a large needle, or use a chop stick or even a pen or pencil!  You will also require scissors to cut the twine. so supervision may be required for younger children.

The grapefruit is naturally waterproof so it will hold up well to the weather, you can refill with seeds when needed.

Eventually the fruit will breakdown, but the rind is biodegradable, and safe to leave to decompose in your garden bed, and the birds could even use the remaining twine to line their nests!

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