Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Funday = Floating Ghosties & Jack o' Lantern Jars!

It's been a while since I've shared a Sunday Funday activity for the kids, so, today I'll bring you two!  Both of these fun Halloween activities are spookily simple, and economical too!  The Jack o' Lantern jars, can easily be stored away, or re-purposed into a pencil or paintbrush holder, or filled with candy for a gift!  And once you've made the ghosts, you can reuse the tablecloths, or cheesecloths over and over, all you'll need next year are balloons!  I put these up ahead of time to Halloweenify the yard, but if you throw them together last minute, you could put a glow stick in the balloon, for a glowing floatie ghostie!  OOooOOooo!

Floating Ghosties
Gather your Materials:
Jute or String (2 strands)
Balloon (s)
Black Sharpie marker
Round white plastic tablecloth (Dollerama) OR large Cheesecloth (Superstore)

Open the plastic tablecloth, and find the centre.  I pierced holes using a pair of scissors, and then inserted jute from the inside.  This will be the string that hangs from your tree, so size it accordingly.

Place the balloon inside the tablecloth, so the string that you'll hang it with, is at the top of the "head".  Tie the tablecloth at the bottom of the balloon with another strand of jute, to secure balloon.

If it's the plastic tablecloth - draw your ghostiest face directly onto the tablecloth!
Or...If you're using the cheesecloth... can basically follow the same instructions!  However, if you try to make the ghostie face on the cheesecloth, the ink will bleed into the strands of fabric.  Draw your face on the balloon, before wrapping in the cheesecloth!

Hang from tree branches in your yard, or along a porch, where they can swing spookily in the wind!

Jack o' Lantern Jars

Gather your Materials:
Recycled Jars - Clean with labels removed
Orange Paint
Black Paint
(or whatever colours your children choose!)
Tea lights

My kids just wanted to do "normal" Jack o' Lanterns, but I've seen people get super duper creative with this craft, and do Frankenstein, or ghost faces, and cover them in a waterproof mylar coating, and get completely crazy.  I am not that type of crafter.  Cheap. Easy. Simple?  That's my style.  The kids took a paintbrush and coated the outside of the jar in the orange paint, allowed it to dry, and then came back to paint on the facial expression, or for Presley who is all about Batman right now, I painted the Batman Symbol for him.
Place a tealight inside, and checkout their ghoulish glow!

Happy Halloween!

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