Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Funday = Rainbow Loom Bracelets!

Remember friendship bracelets?   When I was a wee tween that was what was cool, hip, and crafty.  We would use embroidery thread, creating a series of knots into different patterns, and subsequent levels of difficulty.  
The current craze are these rainbow loom bracelets.  Rainbow loom mania has taken over our house!

They are everywhere!  Not meaning just that every kid I know is totally into this trend.   But that those little plastic bands, are literally everywhere.  I should take a picture of the amount of bands that I swept up the other day, I can't imagine how horrible they are in a vacuum!   

My daughter Sloane is so totally immersed in this rainbow loom mania.  She would do it 24/7 if not for school, homework, and gymnastics.  Look at her little organized system - so cute!  They sell organizers specifically meant for loom bands for a ridiculous price at the craft stores.  I recommend picking up a tackle box at Canadian Tire, Bass Pro Shops, Walmart or somewhere, for a fraction of the price.

Sloane even made her own little DIY video for YouTube, on how to create a "fishtail" rainbow loom bracelet.  Check it out!

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