Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Funday = Kabobs, two ways!

It was too nice to go on the computer yesterday, I wanted to soak in as much of the sun as possible, so you get Sunday on Monday!
Here in Calgary we go from winter to summer in about a weeks time.  You can tell shift in seasons as much by the weather, as from the sounds in the neighbourhood: lawnmowers; raking; power washers; children playing.  One of the senses also affected is your sense of smell; trees and plants blooming; sunshine hitting the earth; and of course BBQ!!  This weekend was full of outdoor yard work, our contribution to the neighbourhood orchestra: raking up the remaining fall leaves; hauling out the flower pots; putting up the basketball net; attempting to reorganize the broken nails (wah!), and blistered hands can show the proof of all the labour!  Sunday night called for an easy dinner, but something we could BBQ and enjoy outside, because we finally can!

I had purchased the pre-assembled and marinated MarcAngelo souvlaki kabobs, and had them in the freezer for a while, which saved me the steps of marinating the meat, and having to soak the skewers, which you should do so they don't burn up on the grill!

I disassembled the meat skewers, taking the meat off the sticks, and added in no particular order: chopped red and green peppers, hunks of onion, and mushrooms, and of course the meat I had pulled off!  Cory brushed them with some Bullseye, and we grilled them maybe 5 minutes per side.  So fast!
I served the kabobs with Orzo noodles that had added fresh dill, as well as butter, and salt and pepper.

The kids were in charge of putting together the dessert kabobs...these weren't going on the grill, but were a fun activity to busy the kids while we got dinner ready, and they got to create and contribute a delicious and healthy dessert.  Any number and kind of fruit would be awesome, but we just used what we had on hand: strawberries; bananas; pineapple; grapes; and mini-marshmallows!  We melted a leftover Easter bunny for a chocolate dip.  Yum!

A super easy and quick dinner, no recipe or fancy skills required.  Enjoy your time in the great outdoors, with your family.

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