Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday Funday - Recipe Disaster Makeover!

I recently attempted to make peanut butter using a bag of toasted praline didn't go so well.  

But, I'll show you how I turned my peanut butter disaster into delicious chocolate covered peanut butter chews, and a fun activity for the kids!

I used my Kitchen Ninja, a Christmas present from last year.  I must admit, I'm still learning to use the Ninja, not totally in love with it yet, I usually still use my reliable old school blender.

So first the peanuts went all gritty...
...then formed a ball, and got a little smoother consistency...

In the instructions I had read for making peanut butter, this was a good sign!  It should get past this phase, and then go to creamy next.  But my Ninja started getting extremely hot!  I thought maybe if I added honey, it would help it get smooth faster, and add more sweetness?  Good idea, right?!  Not so much.

The peanut "dough" was completely clumped together, and had basically turned into candy!! Gah!

Disaster!  I didn't want to throw it away though!  So I pushed it into a casserole dish covered with parchment, and put it into the fridge, and forgot about it for almost a week.

 I unearthed it as I was putting away groceries, it had been pushed to the back of the fridge.  Forgotten.
I cut off a chunk, and was totally delicious!
Then I had a grand idea, and something the kids could get into too!

We still had a stash of Easter Candy, so I broke up the bunnies, and unwrapped a bunch of eggs, and melted them in my makeshift double boiler (a bowl over a pot of boiling water).  I chopped the chewy brick into bite sized pieces, and then poured the melted chocolate over top of the pieces using the same parchment covered dish.  Then returned the candies to the fridge for chocolate to set.

For the fun part of this disaster recovery mission, I recruited the kids to wrap the little chocolate covered peanut chews.  I cut parchment paper into small squares, and the kids wrapped the candies, twisting the parchment ends to complete the wrapper.

Turn that frown upside down...crisis averted!  No food waste here, yay!

The next part is to give some away before we eat all these candies!  

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