Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Funday! Bird Feeders & Firestarters

Who hasn't made a bird feeder when they were a kid?!  It's a fond childhood memory for me, and I can't deny my littles the same experience, plus it's a BEAutiful day outside!

Have Ready:
Toilet paper rolls -  or paper towel rolls cut in half
Peanut butter - if your kids have allergies you could also you almond butter, peabutter, etc.
Birdseed - I bought mine at Dollerama, save your $$!
Butter knife, or spoon for spreading the peanut butter
...and of course a few handy helpers :)

Have the Birdseed poured onto a plate or shallow dish.  Something with edges is probably a better idea to keep the seeds from escaping and making a mess.

Spread the peanut butter onto the toilet paper roll and roll in birdseed.
If your littles are super young, maybe do the pb spreading for them, and then have them do the rolling.

Hang or slide the bird feeder onto a branch and observe...maybe borrow a book of local bird species from your local library and make it a learning experience too!

Aaaand if you (like me!) have a tonne of toilet paper rolls to make use of, check out this cool idea for Firestarters for summer camping trips or backyard fire pits!  All you need toilet paper rolls and dryer lint!


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